Can you make a splash and turn the tide for some of Derbyshire’s most vulnerable people?

Chesterfield and NE Derbyshire Volunteer Centre is fighting loneliness this summer, with a massive sponsored swim: ‘The Swim Against Loneliness’.

How will this help?

Loneliness can affect anyone, but to elderly people it is a significant risk to mental and physical health. Thousands benefit each year from Elderfriends, our befriending programme which reaches out to the lonely and isolated. The service was crucial during lockdown but, run purely by volunteers, but we do need raise £30,000 to keep Elderfriends going for the next year.

Where can I swim?

The `Swim Against Loneliness’ will take place over eight days from 1st to the 9th July 2020 at various pools, including Queen’s Park Sports Centre, Sharley Park Leisure Centre, and Stavely Healthy Living Centre. The project is backed by Chesterfield Town Council.

How can I get motivated?

There’s a little twist too! Perhaps you can `Conquer Everest’, or `Escape from Alcatraz’.  Each challenge is measured in miles (and therefore lengths of the pool). Escaping from Alcatraz takes a mere two miles (128 lengths), while `swimming’ Mount Everest is the equivalent to 354 lengths. Or maybe you’ll tackle the 46miles of the Chesterfield Canal?

Of course, you can also make up your own challenges, or simply swim as far as you can, in one go, or over a number of days. There’s no limit to the number of swimmers, so what are you waiting for?

Click the button below, get swimming and we can tackle loneliness together.


“Loneliness is worse for you than obesity.”